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E-mail To fax User Guide

Virtual fax  PC to fax Email to fax e-mail

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E-Mail to Fax User Guide

Very Simple

E-mail to Fax User's Guide


E-mail and Fax Are One.

If your users can send email, you already have everything you need to fax more effectively. SwissFax's E-mail to Fax Service, offers you the easiest, most cost-effective way to fax.
This service allows you to:

Avoid the Costs Associated With Fax Machines, Fax Modems,Fax Servers, and Fax Software.

The unlimited capacity of the SwissFax Network saves you the high acquisition cost, ongoing maintenance and headaches of fax machines, fax modems, fax servers, and fax software. In fact, with SwissFax's E-mail to Fax service, faxes are sent and managed through your email system, just like any other email message.

Save Time (Save Money).

Eliminate the time-consuming steps of printing out documents and sending from a fax machine. This service gives you the ability to fax directly from your Internet-connected PCs, simply by sending text or attaching documents in an email message.

Fax Reliably

Fax with confidence, knowing your documents have reached SwissFax Nework e-mails a their destination quickly and safely with: Automatic retries by the SwissFax Network to busy and non-answering numbers. Delivery notification back to the sender's emal inbox.

Fax More Efficiently and Effectively

Use E-mail to Fax service to deliver all your critical documents, including:
Personal and business correspondence
Sales literature, quotations, and proposals
Marketing brochures and personalized surveys
Pictures, graphics and charts
Time-sensitive communications and action documents
International documents
Supply-chain documents like purchase orders, invoices, and shipping information
Contracts and other legal documents

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