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provides email to fax services.E-mail to fax service includes fax, webfax, PC to fax ,Virtual fax.

E-mail to fax enables you to send fax through your email.You can now send International Fax from your Email to any Fax machine in the world , at just fraction of a cost of your regular charges. Add to it the benefit of saving time as well using state of the art technology deployed by SwissFax It is a Virtual fax fax & Pc to fax E-mail to fax Virtual Fax fax PC to fax fax to email fax service internet fax service online fax service webfax mail to fax mail2fax email 2 fax free fax trial

Virtual fax  PC to fax Email to fax e-mail
Virtual fax  PC to fax Email to fax e-mail  fax

email to fax ,fax to fax,fax to email virtual fax

Virtual fax  PC to fax Email to fax e-mail

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How to use Swissfax e-mail to fax.

you send email and it reaches as fax


Basically, it is just like sending an e-mail. If you know how to send an e-mail you know how to send a fax through Swissfax. Just as you open a new message to send a new mail to someone you have to do for Swissfax too. In the TO: field of the e-mail message ,where normally you enter the recipient e-mail address instead of that you have to enter here the fax number of the recipient.

E mail address is the recepient fax number:

The fax number should be in the international format which means that you have to type the fax number prefixing the country code and the area code for of the destination number. For example: if you wish to send a fax to New Delhi fax number 888-2222 you will have to enter 9111 888 2222 Here, 91 is the country code of country India and 11 is the area code of city New Delhi and 888 2222 is the fax number. Do not prefix your long-distance identification code which normally you do to send a fax through conventional fax machine for example from India if you wish to send a fax to any international location you have to first dial 00 from your fax machine and then you dial the country code -- -- the area code -- -- and the fax number. But you need not enter 00 in the TO : field of your e-mail message which you wish to send as a fax through Swissfax. Just enter the country code and the area code and the .

Subject Field identifies your Account :

In the subject field enter your P. I. N. which is provided to you on activation of the Swissfax service.Now, enter the text in the body of the e-mail message. The text what you enter in the body of the e-mail message will be sent as a fax to the fax numbers which you entered in the TO: field.

Attachment is the fax message :

Or you can even attach a document for the other details please see the Attachment Guide.

Automatic Retry :

Click send. Your e-mail to fax message is transmitted to the destination fax number and you receive the confirmation in form of delivery notice or not delivery notice.
Swissfax is programmed to make a retry for three times for the busy fax number. If the number is busy the virtual fax programmed to try for three times after an interval of five minutes. Swissfax is a virtual fax. This fax solution gives the liberty to fax any document of any format to be fax to any fax number of the world. Swissfax PC to fax lets you work from a single desktop. Now you do not need a fax machine. Swissfax fulfils the need for providing you this virtual fax.

Easy way to send a Fax:

If the Swissfax system detects a voice answer on the fax number, it will retry again after five minutes and if the opposite party is using a fax machine which commonly is used as a telephone too, then the fax is transmitted only if the fax tones are detected in one of the three tries.

Swissfax provides you a money-saving fax solution. Swissfax does not charge you anything for a not delivered fax
. For further details with the menu that you please visit the homepage .








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fax PC to fax any format: Swissfax fax includes E-mail to fax Virtual Fax & Pc to Fax
E-mail to fax: & attachments Swissfax -- e-mail to fax enables you to send faxes through your e-mail. E-mail to fax means you send an e-mail and the recipient receives it as a fax. The whole of e-mail that is to say text entered in the body of the e-mail and attachments both are delivered to the recipient as a fax in the attachments Swissfax supports Word documents, Excel documents, images, rich text formats, PDF, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, etc are complete list of this supportive comment is available on Swissfax is more than just E mail to fax , it is a fax solution for every company. PC to fax