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Fax to Email

SwissFax Fax to Email is an Internet fax solution that allows users to receive faxes in their e-mail.

Users are given a unique SwissFax fax number. When faxes are sent to this fax number, they are converted into TIFF or PDF files, attached to a standard e-mail message, and delivered to the user's e-mail account. They can be opened, read, printed, stored and forwarded, just like any e-mail message.

SwissFax's Fax to Email Service can provide local fax numbers in many area codes, or users can select a toll-free fax number. Fax to Email accepts multiple faxes simultaneously, making it a perfect fax solution for high-volume inbound call and fulfillment centers.

To know Rates for India Fax numbers contact :

Setup your Fax to Email Account
Click here to fill up the Registration Form.
Print and fill the form & fax it to 91-22-28640088.

How much it will cost .

Setup and Registration

USD 118

Rent per month upto first 200 fax pages USD 35
Fax over 200 page in a month USD 0.07/page


For New Subscription

Registration Fees + Rent for 3 months USD 224
Registration Fees + Rent for 6 months USD 330
Registration Fees + Rent for 12 months USD 518


For Existing Users

Rent for 3 months USD 106
Rent for 6 months USD 212
Rent for 12 months USD 400



Other Payment Options for Fax to Email services.

1. Pay by direct deposit to our Internet Bank account
2. Pay by Indian Debit Cards
3. Pay by Telex Transfer to our International Bank Account.

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