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Use the power of Fax 2 India to kick start your marketing promotion in India

frustrated....... why they are not responding to your email

because your very well drafted marketing email was sent to trash even without being read.

An average indian email address receives about 40-45 emails per day and about 90% of them are deleted immediately without being read. And with that all your marketing efforts go in vain.


Fax 2 India Service Overview - Use the power of Fax
Send your marketing promotion by Fax 2 India

Use SwissFax - Fax 2 India to send faxes to India using your email at just US$ 0.20 per page to any location in India

Marketing executives world wide prefer fax over email because:

1. A fax gets immediate attention, where the email gets deleted

2. Your fax transmission gurantees reception whereas the email may bounce back.

3. An incoming / outgoing faxes has no virus treat hence you can get your message across to unknown parties easily.

4. Response rate is higher through fax transmission.

5. Fax 2 India charges only for successfull deliveries. The server retries your fax transmission for 3 times, in case the destination number is busy.

6. Receive delivery / non-delivery notice for each fax transmission.

All these at just US$ 0.20 per page.


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