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How to use email to fax service

Fonts available for attached Documents.

E-mail to Fax supports all the standard Windows and Microsoft Office typestyles, including bold and italic.

Arial Modern
Arial - Black Monotype-Sorts*
Arial Narrow MS Mincho (Japanese)
Batang (Korean) MS Outlook
Bookman Old Style MS Sans Serif
Bookshelf Symbol 1 MS Serif
Bookshelf Symbol 2 MS Song (chinese -simplified)
Bookshelf Symbol 3 Roman
Comic Sans MS Script
courier New* Small Fonts
Garamond Symbol
Goudy-OId-Style-Normal Tahoma
Haettenschweiler Times New Roman
Impact Verdana
Lucida console* Webdings
Lucida Sans Unicode Wingdings
Mingliu (Chinese-Traditional)  

* Indicates a fixed-width font

Tip: Some document types, like Microsoft PowerPoint, allow you to embed True Types fonts in the document itself. If you embed TrueType fonts within your document, E-mail to Fax will use them, even if they are not on the above list.

Note: Asian language fonts are supported in Microsoft Office, HTML, and text attachments only

Supported Languages

E-mail to Fax supports text and HTML page

Arabic (ASMO-708, DOS, ISO, Windows)
Baltic (ISO, Windows)
Central European (DOS, ISO, Windows)
Chinese Simplified (GB2312, HZ)
Chinese Traditional

Cyrillic (DOS, ISO, K018-R, Windows)
Greek (ISO, Windows)
Hebrew (DOS, ISO, Windows)
Japanese (JIS, JIS-Allow 1-byte Kana, JIS- Allow 1-byte Kana - SO/SI, EUC, Shift-JIS)
Korean (ISO, Windows)
Turkish (ISO, Windows)
Unicode (UTF-7, UFT-8)
Vietnamese (Windows)
Western European (ISO, Windows
Includes English US, English UK, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Note on other languages: Other western and Asian languages may also function properly but have not been tested for quality and accuracy by SwissFax.

Note on fonts in attached documents: Attached documents in Asian and other "double-byte character" languages require that a language-specific font be available to display that language's characters correctly. Please refer to the above font list to determine whether your attached document can be faxed using Asian (or other "double-byte") characters. Only text HTML, and Microsoft Office documents are currently able to make use of these language-specific fonts.
Note on HTML: An appropriate META tag must be embedded in the HTML document for proper font rendering:
<META HTTP-EQUIV= "Content-Type"
CONTENT ="text/html";


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