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How to use email to fax service

Fonts Available for E-mail Text and Text Attachments

The font for Western European-language text on your cover page and for any Western European language text documents you attach to your email to be faxed is Helvetica 10-point. Word wrapping occurs at 78 characters per line.

The font for the addressing section of your cover page is Helvetica l4-point.

Non-Western-European text may, of necessity, appear an alternate font.

Note: Your cover page and text settings maybe different from the above if your system administrator or SwissFax Partner has set up an alternate format for you with Swissfax, or if you were previously registered as a Swissfax customer.
You can have SwissFax change either or both font settings to an alternate font from the following list, in sizes between 6 and 60 points, for a nominal one-time set-up fee. The new font will remain in effect until the next time you request a change. Please allow two to three business days for the change to take effect.

Note: Using a larger or smaller font may also require changing the text line-wrapping settings for your cover page to ensure the best use of the printable area of the page.

Tip: If you will be sending tabular data as text in your email message, it is recommended that you select a fixed-width font like Courier 12-point instead, to ensure that your text-based tables appear with their column alignment preserved exactly on the receiving fax machine.


AvantGarde-DemiOblique Monospace-Roman*
AvantGarde-Book Monospace-Italic*
AvantGarde-BookOblique Monospace-Bold*
Bookman-Demi Monospace-BoldItalic*
Bookman-DemiItalic* Newcenturyschlbk-Bold
Bookman-Light Newcenturyschlbk-Boldltalic
Bookman-Lightltalic Newcenturyschlbk-Roman
centurySchoolbook-Monospace* Newcenturyschlbk-Italic
courier* Orator-ten*
courier-Bold* Orator-Fifteen*
courier-Oblique* Palatino-Bold
courier-BoldOblique* Palatino-Bolditalic
Helvetica-Bold Palatino-Roman
Helvetica-BoldOblique Palatino-Italic
Helvetica Symbol
Helvetica-Oblique Times-Bold
Helvetica-Narrow Times-BoldItalic
LetterGothic-Roman* Times-Roman
LetterGothic-Italic Times-Italic
LetterGothic-Bold* ZapfDingbats
Lettercothic-Boldital Zapfchancery-Bold

* Indicates a fixed-width font


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