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provides email to fax services.Email to fax service includes fax, webfax, PC to fax ,Virtual fax.

Email to fax enables you to send fax through your email.You can now send International Fax from your Email to any Fax machine in the world , at just fraction of a cost of your regular charges. Add to it the benefit of saving time as well using state of the art technology deployed by SwissFax It is a Virtual fax fax & Pc to fax Email to fax Virtual Fax fax PC to fax fax to email fax service internet fax service online fax service webfax mail to fax mail2fax email 2 fax free fax trial



fax PC to fax any format: Swissfax fax includes Email to fax Virtual Fax & Pc to Fax
Email to fax: & attachments Swissfax -- email to fax enables you to send faxes through your email. Email to fax means you send an email and the recipient receives it as a fax. The whole of email that is to say text entered in the body of the email and attachments both are delivered to the recipient as a fax in the attachments Swissfax supports Word documents, Excel documents, images, rich text formats, PDF, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, etc are complete list of this supportive comment is available on Swissfax is more than just Email to fax , it is a fax solution for every company. PC to fax


International Rates:
Check out the most competitive rates. The rates are on per page basis & you will be charged only for successfully delivered faxes
Email 2 Fax:
Get the faxing advantage. Use Email 2 Fax and experience the speed of delivery                                           
How it Works:
Know how easy it is to start using SwissFax, you can start from day one
Our Technology:
SwissFax is tried, tested, implemented & approved faxing solution at very competitive rates
Our Value Proposition:
Strengthen your customer relationships
Send fax at the speed of Light
Save money from day one, with zero cap-ex

Email to fax fax Virtual Fax PC to fax service

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